Zoning Permits

For properties located anywhere in the Town of Middlesex and it's extraterritorial jurisdiction, a zoning permit is required for any new construction or development and for any physical or use changes to existing properties.
A zoning permit must be issued before any work begins.

For more information, contact the Zoning Administrator at Town Hall.
Telephone 252-235-5761.

Building Permits

Building permits are issued by Nash County officials. For more information on the requirements for and to obtain a permit, contact call the Nash County Planning and Development Department at (252) 459-9805 or go to the Nash County web site at http://www.co.nash.nc.us/

Privilege Licenses

Effective July 1, 2015, privilege licenses will be no longer required due to legislation passed in 2014.  Municipalities no longer have this taxing authority.   One exemption to the legislation is the sale of Alcoholic Beverages, which still requires a business license. 

For more information, contact the Town Clerk at Town Hall. Telephone 252-235-5761.


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