The Town owns and maintains Hollywood Cemetery located off of NC Hwy 231 South. Cemetery cleanup is the first Monday in March and the first Monday in November of each year. Please be sure to temporarily remove any flowers or fixtures that you wish to keep before these dates. Grave spaces may be purchased through the Town Hall. Current cemetery rates are as follows:

Grave spaces/In Town Residents        $1600/2 spaces
Grave spaces/Out of Town Residents  $2500/2 spaces
Grave Openings, Weekdays               $850
Grave Openings, Weekends/Holidays  $950
Grave Openings, Cremations             $300(Small)$450(Box)Weekday/$400 Weekend

 Must purchase a minimum of 2 spaces.  Mausoleums requires 4 spaces.

Placement of all markers/monuments must be approved by town personnel in advance in order to ensure they are in the proper place.   If you order any type of marker or monument, please notify your vendor they must coordinate placement with the town.  You can get a copy of the Cemetery Ordinance by call the town hall at 252-235-5761. 


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